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Experienced Safety Support your Refinery and Petrochemical Plant
​can build a relationship with.


About Safe Work Services, LLC.

Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Safe Work Services, LLC provides Permit Writers as well as Technical Writers, Hole & Fire Watch Personnel to Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. 


When Safety, Compliance, Speed and Reliability matter, you need a specialist.

We are a Safety Staffing Specialists Company.

  • There are Bigger Staffing Agencies that also do a little Safety Staffing along with their other staffing.
  • There are Safety Services Companies that happen to also place safety personnel on the side.
  • But we are Safety Staffing Company – This is all we do.

All of our resources are devoted to building and maintaining a strong pool of engaged, well-trained, highly qualified safety personnel that you can draw on at anytime.

Because we are focused on doing one thing really well, we are able to

  • Attract and retain higher quality safety employees
  • Provide on site safety training that exceeds all OSHA standards
  • Respond more quickly to safety staffing demands
  • Provide you with happier, better trained, more alert employees

…and we can do all this at a very competitive cost.

We help contractors and companies to:

  • Ramp up for big jobs fast.
  • Avoid the time and headache of recruiting, screening, hiring, and managing temporary employees.
  • Focus on what they do best, because we are tightly focused on what we do best.

Better training, better hiring, and more experience means the staff we provide is highly qualified and ready to get the job done.

Consistent employment and fair compensation for our staff means easy to work with, hassle free employees for you.


Our employees are taught to take safety, and their jobs seriously. They understand their role, and perform it well.


​​​​Safe Work Services, LLC.


Protect Life Safety, the Environment & Home of our Partners.  We will never sacrifice safety over any other aspect of the business.