When you outsource your safety staffing you can get all the benefits of having a full time employee without having the issues of interviewing, hiring, and dealing with all the paperwork and compliance issues that come with new employees. In addition, when the project ends you do not have to worry about layoffs, holdover cost, and unemployment. By working with Safe Work Services, you can protect your investment, keep your employees safe and healthy, reduce your overall health care costs, and avoid workers compensation claims. Using safety professionals from a reputable company, like Safe Work Services, you will get professionals with the experience you need that can greatly impact your company’s bottom line.

Save Time and Effort

By working with Safe Work Services for your staffing needs, you streamline the hiring process compared to traditional recruiting efforts. The process couldn’t be simpler.
Safe Work Services works with you to understand your specific safety personnel needs. We then provide you with a position description to make sure we supply a perfect match. Then our expert recruiters do the leg work to match a candidate with your position description.

We eliminate both the time and the cost of recruiting…

  • We write and run the ads necessary to find qualified candidates.
  • We spend the hours required perusing hundreds of resumes to find the best candidates that actually meet the requirements.
  • We interview and test the candidates to ensure they meet the our standards and most importantly Your standards.
  • We provide a perfect match for your specific job on your specific timeline.

Ensure Trained and Qualified Talent

Safe Work Services is more than just a staffing company. We are a talent pool. Safe Work Services recruits, hires and trains all year round to hire a pool of qualified talent, train them, and match them to the right employer for the best job fit.

Therefore, we solve your problems of finding qualified staff ON DEMAND, by:

  • Continuously hiring safety personnel.
  • Testing and ranking for skill levels and specialties.
  • Full background check to make sure they are in good standing on a variety of areas including prior employer checks, driving record, and drug testing.
  • Provide ongoing training, certification, and development of employees to improve their fit with more positions and companies.
  • Our training reduces your cost in training and development.
  • Our training ensures longevity of service with Safe Work Services, which guarantees our placement of loyal, responsible, employees that we have personal experience with and can fully endorse.

Safe Work Services, LLC. are Refinery and Petrochemical Professional Safety Experts that provide Permit Writing, Technical Writing, Fire & Hole Watch services.

Our Technical Writers are carefully selected based on education, knowledge of applications & processes in the refinery and petrochemical industry.

Safe Work Services, LLC is a competitive - market based opportunity partner.  Our experienced staff will provide a high level of safety professionalism.  We will ensure all aspects of safety in everything we do. The Safe Work Services Team is ready to be a part of the solution when companies are experiencing growth, personnel shortages or other demands that require additional staffing. Our team will be able to come in and work shoulder to shoulder with the existing staff while at the same time not ​making the team feel like we are putting their responsibilities in jeopardy.  Our message is that we are here to help. During times of growth the base operation may be in need of additional resources to ensure life-work balance.  There are additional risks when base staffing is overloaded. Our team can be mobilized to manage permit writing from safe work, energy control & confined space.  We also offer trained services for Hole/Fire watch and Technical Writing.  Our technical writers are trained in many applications.  We develop Operating Procedures and Training materials for any process. 


ManPower & Consulting

Permit Writers, Technical Writers, Hole & Fire Watch

Our Fire & Hole Watch personnel are fully trained with a passion for life safety.




​​​​Safe Work Services, LLC.



​Our Permit Writers are carefully selected based on strict criteria, work experience, testing and hands on demonstration.